When You must have professional and reliable results to record or live web broadcast an event, ALT Productions has the professional streaming equipment and experience to effortlessly cover your next professional or personal event.

Whether it's a training seminar for your organization or a wedding you want to livestream so your loved ones can safely experience your once in a lifetime event, a professional recording and/or live broadcast can ensure no one misses a moment, pandemic or not!

Video Recording
Male Speaker

Multi-Cam Coverage

Multi-Cam coverage of live events in the past required lots of wires and heavy equipment.

ALT Productions provides wireless professional audio and video equipment that elevates your event beyond the the typical webcam with simple and minimal setup!

Engage your audience with ALT Productions live event coverage TODAY!

Communication Tower

Reliable Internet

No more relying on public wifi or over loaded internet for unwatchable, choppy


Reliable and redundant, double cellular connections guarantees you can live stream from anywhere knowing your live feed is uninterrupted and of the best quality.



  • Up to 2 hours of recording

  • 3 cameras/angles with live switching

  • 2 videographers behind the cameras

  • Receive 3 separate camera/angle recordings, as well as the file of the live switching between all 3 cameras


Recording Studio







  • Up to 2 hours of LIVE web broadcast to Facebook or YouTubere

  • 3 cameras/angles with live switching

  • Dual LTE cellular connection for guaranteed high quality live stream anywhere!

  • 2 videographers

  • Receive Recordings from all 3 cameras/angles and recording of live broadcast



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